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Will Rustenburg be victorious in North West Championship again?

By Felicia Erasmus , in Netball | News news , at 2023-06-15

It is that time of the year again for the North West Championships.

Hoërskool Rustenburg will be defending their title as last year’s champions. In this season they’ve had a few good games, it will be interesting to see what they do on Friday.

They have won games against Diamantveld with a score of 23-16, and Garsfontein (25-17). One of the games they lost was against Paarl Girls and it was a close score of 26-21.

Potchefstroom Volkskool had an interesting season, they won against Klerksdorp by 34-29 and lost against Potch Gimnasium with a massive score of 40-18.

They might face off against Potchefstroom Gimnasium on Friday, and just maybe get revenge for the last game.

Potch Gimmies also had a roller coaster season, with a few big losses and even bigger victories. Their biggest loss was against Oranje where they lost 33-3. But their biggest win was against Hans Moore of Benoni with a memorable score of 32-8.

With Wesvalia and Lichtenburg also in the mix, tomorrow promises to be filled with great netball. The day starts at 08:00 and the finals will be at 16:36.

You can catch all the games this weekend on SuperSport Schools (

The fixtures

Court 1

08:00- Iketletso vs Phiri; 08:43- Wesvalia vs Hartebeespoort; 09:26- Potch Volkies vs Khumosejo; 10:09- Klerksdorp vs Sejankabo; 10:52- Die Wilge vs Iketletso; 11:35- Hartebeespoort vs Lichtenburg; 12:18- Potch Volkies vs Kgapamadi; 13:01- Klerksdorp vs Sempapa.

Court 2

08:00- Potchefstroom Gimnasium vs Die Wilge; 08:43- Lichtenburg vs Reivilo; 09:26- Potch Gimnasium vs Phiri; 10:09- Wesvalia vs Reivilo; 10:52- Bergsig vs Kgapamadi 11:35- Rustenburg vs Sempapa; 12:18- Die Wilge vs Phiri; 13:01- Hartebeespoort vs Reivilo.

Court 3

08:00- Potch Volkskool vs Bergsig; 08:43- Klerksdorp vs Rustenburg; 12:18- Potchefstroom Gimnasium vs Iketletso; 13:01- Wesvalia vs Lichtenburg.

Court 4

08:00- Kgapamadi vs Khumosejo; 08:43- Sempapa vs Sejankabo; 12:18- Bergsig vs Khumosejo, ; 13:01- Rustenburg vs Sejankabo.



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