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Outeniqua and Durbies share the spoils with 37-all in an exciting match

By Dalney Demana , in Netball | News Schools , at 2023-04-24

Hoërskool Punt travelled to Somerset on 21 April to face HTS Drostdy. They won six of their 15 games against Drostdy. Punt’s first team fought hard to stay in the game but lost 23-28. However, their second team did incredibly with a 16-12 victory over Drostdy’s u17 A team.

On the following day, Saturday 22 April, Punt travelled to Worcester to challenge Worcester Gimnasium. They did better than the previous day by winning nine of their 15 games. The first team delivered a brilliant 18-12 victory against Worcester. All their u18 teams won their games.

Hoërskool Oudtshoorn faced Eden Technical High School and Protea Heights Academy on Saturday 22 April. It was a tough day for Oudtshoorn, but they managed to win four of their eight games. The first team won their game 13-10 against Eden.

Oudtshoorn started the game with an early lead of 4-2 at the end of the first quarter. The girls secured their defenses and made it hard for Eden to accumulate more goals. By the end of the third quarter, Oudtshoorn was leading 10-6.

It was in the final quarter where Eden came back in the game with the will to turn the game around. But they were no match for Oudtshoorn defenses. Annette van der Merwe, Oudtshoorn coach was satisfied with her team’s performance “No matter the weather you keep to the game plan. Timing is everything and playing your own pace and own game will make all the difference” she said.

Hoërskool Outeniqua came face to face with Hoërskool Durbanville on Saturday 22 April. It was an exciting first team match that ended in a 37-all draw. Outeniqua took the early lead in the first quarter gaining enough momentum to stay in the lead for the first three quarters.

Durbanville increased their pace and fought hard by delivering over 21 goals between the second and third quarter with hopes of catching up to Outeniqua.

By the end of the third quarter, Outeniqua was sitting on a 26-30 lead, but Durbanville fought back. After an intense final round with both teams chasing the victory, it ended on a 37-37 score.


Outeniqua vs Durbanville (22 April 2023)

u18A Outeniqua 37, Durbanville 37
u18B Durbanville 16, Outeniqua 4
u18C Durbanville 17, Outeniqua 7

u17A Durbanville 15, Outeniqua 6
u17B Durbanville 15, Outeniqua 10
u17C Outeniqua 17, Durbanville 19

u16A Durbanville 18, Outeniqua 12
u16B Durbanville 17, Outeniqua 12
u16C Durbanville 20, Outeniqua 11

u15A Durbanville 28, Outeniqua 1
u15B Durbanville 19, Outeniqua 8
u15C Durbanville 24, Outeniqua 7
u15D Durbanville 38, Outeniqua 6
u15E Durbanville 22, Outeniqua 3

u14A Durbanville 22, Outeniqua 15
u14B Durbanville 12, Outeniqua 7
u14C Durbanville 21, Outeniqua 2
u14D Durbanville 13, Outeniqua 7
u14E Durbanville 26, Outeniqua 4 

Oudtshoorn vs HTS Eden/Protea (22 April 2023)

u19A Oudtshoorn 13, Eden 10
u19B Oudtshoorn 10, Protea u19A 15

u16A Oudtshoorn 11, Eden 13

u15A Oudtshoorn 13, Eden 4
u15B Oudtshoorn 8, Eden 16

u14A Oudtshoorn 13, Eden 12
u14B Oudtshoorn 3, Protea A 25

HTS Drostdy vs Punt (21 April 2023)

u18A Punt 23, Drostdy 28
u18B Punt 16, 17A Drostdy 12
u18C Punt 37, 17B Drostdy 11
u18D Punt 18, 17B Drostdy 19

u16A Punt 26, Drostdy 10
u16B Punt 17, Drostdy 13
u16C Punt 6, Drostdy 15 

u15A Punt 15, Drostdy 12
u15B Punt 8, Drostdy 7
u15C Punt 14, Drostdy 11
u15D Punt 5, Drostdy 7 

u14A Punt 15, Drostdy 12
u14B Punt 11, Drostdy 8
14C Punt 12, Drostdy 19
14D Punt 3, Drostdy 14 

Punt vs Worcester Gimnasium (22 April 2023)

u18A Punt 18, Worcester Gimnasium 12
u18B Worcester Gimnasium 15, Punt 7
u18C Punt 21, Worcester Gimnasium 12
u18D Punt 17, Worcester Gimnasium 10

16A Punt 21, Worcester Gimnasium 8
16B Punt 19, Worcester Gimnasium 9
16C Punt 13, Worcester Gimnasium 7 

u15A Worcester Gimnasium 20, Punt 10
u15B Punt 16, Worcester Gimnasium 13
u15C Punt 14, Worcester Gimnasium 13
u15D Worcester Gimnasium 10, Punt 0, 

u14A Worcester Gimnasium  17, Punt 11
u14B Worcester Gimnasium 11, Punt 5
u14C Worcester Gimnasium 17, Punt 12
u14D Worcester Gimnasium 20, Punt 5 



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