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Kloof Netball Festival: WWS grants overseas opportunities to two teams

By Charne van der Merwe , in Netball | News , at 2024-03-22

Teams participating in the Kloof Netball Festival now have an added incentive to strive for excellence.

Thanks to Worldwide Scholarships (WWS) stepping in as a sponsor, a junior and a senior team, made up of selected players, will earn the chance to travel overseas, which will act as a catalyst for intensified competition.

Munya Maraire, the CEO of WWS, emphasised the importance of exposure and learning in sports development, and said WWS aims to connect players with international opportunities, including scholarships at universities.

With a tour planned for September, WWS will select 12 players from the participating schools for the junior side (u14 and u15) and the senior team (u16, u17 and u19) to journey to England as All-Star squads.

Munya Maraire, CEO of WWS, and Rene Straueli, the Head of Netball at Waterkloof.

Maraire said: “Worldwide Scholarships is a multifaceted global sports, art, and academics organisation, impacting lives, communities, and nations.

“We are the largest university placement agency in the African region, and we are here to empower the talent by linking scholars to international colleges and universities that match their God-given talents and abilities.

“At Worldwide Scholarships we believe that each scholar is unique. Our assessment process is vigorous and using these assessment methods we have managed to link over 1 000 students with educational opportunities that have changed their lives for the better and led them to a pathway of achieving greatness.”

The Kloof Netball Tournament organisers will also select the best junior and senior defensive teams. Additionally, they will recognise the junior and senior teams which concede the fewest goals in the tournament.

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