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Kempton Park champion over EG Jansen in Ekhuruleni league

By Felicia Erasmus , in Netball | News news , at 2023-05-12

Kempton Park beat EG Jansen by 31-18 in their annual Ekhuruleni League clash on Thursday.

EG Jansen came with a great game plan and motivated players, unfortunately they were no match for Kempton Park. In the first two quarters the game looked equally matched, and it was still anyone’s game.

In the third quarter of the first teams’ game, Kempton Park started to take the lead, but the Jansies didn’t take any of it laying down, they fought hard until the end.

EG Jansen got lucky with intercepting the ball where they almost lost it to the opposing team, luckily, they have excellent ball handling, and they got the ball back.

They were also able to vigorously defend the ball, but their effort was futile, because Kempies had the better game plan.

Even though Kempton Park made a few mistakes according to their coach, it all worked out for them in the end.

The teams:

Kempton Park: Sumari McCabe, Erin Free, Chané Munro, Nina Steyn, Leané Scheepers, Nikita Buitendag, Keira Wells, Suné McCabe, Andrea Janse van Vuuren, Lizelle Maritz.

EG Jansen: Quinlyn Breetzke (GS), Zhantezé Weingartz (GA), Morgan Trahms (GD), Carli Bronkhorst (GD/GA), Donné Howard (WD/GD), Sanitha Mkhwanazi (WD), Kirsty Rautenbach (C), Kaylin Pepler (WA), Melissa Slabbert (C).

Other results:

u18B – Kempton Park 25, EG Jansen 13.

u17A – Kempton Park 28, EG Jansen 10.
u17B – Kempton Park 31, EG Jansen 3

u16A – Kempton 27, EG Jansen 14.
u16B – Kempton 30, EG Jansen 7.

u15A – EG Jansen 25, Kempton Park 18.
u15B – Kempton Park 17, EG Jansen 16.
u15C – Kempton Park 17, EG Jansen 9.

u14A – EG Jansen 20, Kempton Park 4.
u14B – Kempton Park 18, EG Jansen 14.
u14C – EG Jansen 14, Kempton Park 9.
u14D – Kempton Park 23, EG Jansen 2.

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