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Three of Gauteng’s leagues have play-offs this weekend

By Felicia Erasmus , in Netball | News news , at 2023-06-09

The upcoming weekend will be the Gauteng playoffs.

How it works is there are three regions of Gauteng divided into three leagues. The Jomo, Jubilee, and Ekurhuleni League.

Different schools play against each other to determine the league winners. The schools that end in the top three go through to the Gauteng Championships that will be on the 16th-17th June.

The rest play out for fifth and sixth place to go through to next weekend. The teams that win next week will go on to the SA Schools Championship.

You can catch all the games live on SuperSport Schools (

This weekend’s fixtures are:

Jubilee League:

09:00 – Garsfontein vs Midstream College; Waterkloof vs St Mary’s Waverly

10:45 – Garsfontein vs Waterkloof

12:30 – Garsfontein vs St Mary’s Waverly; Waterkloof vs Midstream College.

Sedibeng League:

09:15 – Transvalia vs TBC.

Jomo League:

09 June

14:40 – Florida vs Fochville; Randburg vs Reddam House Bedfordview.

16:00 – Linden vs Bastion.

10 June

08:00 – Randburg vs Fochville; Florida vs Reddam House Bedfordview.

09:40 – Linden vs Randburg; Florida vs Bastion.

11:00 – Linden vs Fochville; Randburg vs Bastion; Florida vs Bryanston.

12:40 – Linden vs Florida.

14:00 – Linden vs Reddam House Bedfordview; Randburg vs Bryanston



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