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Pietersburg started their campaign in Capricorn League off in convincing fashion

By Dalney Demana , in Netball | News , at 2023-04-23 Tags: , , , ,

Hoërskool Pietersburg had a successful weekend of netball adrenalin.

PHS participated in the Capricon League games against Hoërskool  Noorderland on Tuesday.

The girls displayed an incredible performance by winning all their games.

The u17A team won their game 34-6. It was a good exercise in preparation for the u19 mini World Cup tournament that would take place on Wednesday.

The tournament was hosted at Ngoako Ramahlodi Sports Complex in Seshego.

Each district had 16 countries to represent for the teams participating in the national netball world cup. PHS represented the country Fiji and walked away with the golden first position.

That was not all for the PHS team. They challenged Hoërskool Secunda on Friday. The first team suffered a 34-17 defeat, but the second team walked away with a 15-8 victory.

Hoërskool Lichtenburg participated in the NWU semi-finals. Their first team played against Hoërskool Oosterlig and won the game 28-9.

Zandri Terblanche, their goal attack contributed massively to the game gaining the player of the match title. She is part of the seven players who were selected to be part of the North West teams.

Potchefstroom Volkskool participated in the NWU Prestige semi-finals on Saturday in Springs.

Their first team was close but couldn’t take the win, they lost 19-20 against Hoërskool Jeugland. It was their second team who walked away with a win, they defeated Lichtenburg 18-14. 

Hoërskool Linden travelled to Brandwag from Benoni on Saturday for their Super Series finale. Their u14, u16 and first team walked away as the overall winners. The first team won their match 35-16. 

All the results:

u19A: Jeugland 20, Potch Volkies 19; Lichtenburg 28, Oosterlig 9; Secunda 34, Pietersburg 17; Linden 25, Brandwag (Benoni) 16.

u17A: Potch Volkies 21, Jeugland 8; Zwartkop 19, Noordheuwel 15; Potch Gimmies 14, Oos-Moot 13; Die Anker 16, Lichtenburg 15; Rustenburg 21, Wesvalia 15; Middelburg 14, Montana 10; Pietersburg 34, Noorderland 6; Pietersburg 24, Secunda 6; Brandwag (Benoni) 22, Linden 13.

u16A: Potch Volkies 23, Zwartkop 18; Pietersburg 16, Noorderland 10; Pietersburg 20, Secunda 8; Linden 21, Brandwag (Benoni) 8.

u15A: Zwartkop 24, Potch Volkies 18; Potch Gimmies 14, Rustenburg 13; Middelburg 14, Hugenote 6; Die Anker 16, Wesvalia 5; Lichtenburg 17, Oosterlig 6; Pietersburg 41, Noorderland 3; Pietersburg 20, Secunda 14; Linden 17, Brandwag (Benoni) 14.

u14A: Potch Volkies 22, Jeugland 14; Middelburg 15, Die Anker 14; Pietersburg 19, Noorderland 4; Pietersburg 11, Secunda 10; Linden 19, Brandwag (Benoni) 14.