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Durban Girls College setting the tone in KZN Coastal League

By Dalney Demana , in Netball | News news , at 2023-05-19

The KZN Coastal League is divided into three ranked pools.

Each team from the region competes to be part of Pool A where the best teams appear.

Durban Girls High School hosted Durban Girls College on Thursday for a league match.

The two schools are currently sitting in Pool A and if they do not defend their positions, they could be relegated to the other two pools.

Durban College is one of the strongest teams in the region and they made sure they traveled to Glenwood for a clean victory.

Their first team defeated Durban High 27-16. The u15B match was a rather challenging game for both sides but Durban College managed to keep control of their attack, gaining a 8-2 win over Durban High. 

Kingsway High School, also part of the KZN Coastal League Pool A category, hosted Danville Girls High School on Thursday. The league matches were exciting to experience with both teams fighting tooth and nail in each game.

Danville’s first team could not participate but their second team managed to take one victory home. It was a stimulating second team match with both teams showing how badly they needed the win.

By the end of the first half, the teams were sitting on an equalizing 6-all score. The second half was more challenging with the pressure hanging over the players. With just a difference of one goal, Danville took the 10-9 victory against Kingsway.

Kingsway’s junior teams were very impressive, playing great netball and winning their games with superb scores. Their u14A team controlled the game with ease, only allowing their competitors a chance to score three goals. They snatched the victory with a 14-3 win against Danville. 

Kingsway hosted its annual netball tournament on Saturday. The tournament was canceled due to weather conditions, but four matches were played in two Pools.

Kingsway’s second team gave Durban Girls College a challenge where they failed to gain control of the game. They won the game 19-2 against Durban Girls. 

All The Results:

11 May 2023

1st Team: Durban Girls College 27, Durban Girls High 16

2nd Team: Danville 10, Kingsway 9; Durban Girls College 26, Durban Girls High 6

u16A: Kingsway 18, Danville 14; Durban Girls College 24, Durban Girls High 9

u15A: Kingsway 11, Danville 8; Durban Girls College 24, Durban Girls High 11

u15B: Durban Girls College 8, Durban Girls High 2

u14A: Kingsway 14, Danville 3; Durban Girls College 20, Durban Girls High 1

u14B: Durban Girls College 23, Durban Girls High 9

13 May 2023

u19A: Durban Girls College 18, Maris Stella 2; Durban Girls High 16, Westville 1; Kingsway 19, Durban Girls College 2; Maris Stella 12, Durban Girls High 7; Kingsway 10, Curro Salt Rock 4; Ashton College 10, Kuswag 7; Northlands Girls High 10, Fatima 6; Kuswag 13, Kingsway 2

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