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Ben Vorster takes victory home in second round of Mopani League

By Dalney Demana , in Netball | News news , at 2023-05-17

PHS vs Curro

Hoërskool Ben Vorster travelled to Stanford Lake College for their second round match in the Mopani league. Ben Vorster’s first team performed exceptionally well in their match.

They started the game with heavy attack methods leaving Stanford with just two goals to eight after the first round. Stanford tried to get back in the game in the second quarter, but Ben Vorster’s goal shooters kept adding their goals, solidifying their lead.

When Stanford entered the third quarter with six goals, they were no match for Ben Vorster’s defense which prevented a goal in this round.

Ben Vorster entered the last quarter with just 28 goals to six, but they were determined to go all the way leading to their 41-9 victory against Stanford. The first team’s momentum could be seen on the other courts, the u15A team won their game 31-6 against Curro.

Hoërskool Pietersburg faced Curro Heuwelkruin on Thursday, 4 May 2023. PHS hosted Curro for the fourth league match on their courts, giving an incredible home ground performance. The first team remained undefeated by claiming their 42-4 victory against Curro.

The u15 and u14 teams were hard to challenge, leaving their opponents with just one goal at the end of their matches.

PHS’s B teams travelled to Hoërskool Hans Strijdom to face their A teams. Good sportsmanship was visible throughout the courts. Hans Strijdom was adamant in keeping one victory to their courts, they defeated PHS’s second team with a score of 28-22.

However, PHS got enough bragging rights by winning the rest of their games. The u14B team secured an impressive 17-6 victory against Hans Strijdom.

Hoërskool Ben Viljoen’s first team delivered a successful 41-19 victory against Hoërskool Piet Potgieter. Ben Viljoen took control of the game from the first quarter ending on a 21-10 lead at the end of the first half. They entered the last quarter with enough momentum to increase the gap they enforced on Piet Potgieter.

Piet Potgieter could only add three goals in the last quarter, failing to turn around Ben Viljoen’s advantage in the game. Piet Potgieter lost the game 41-19 and Ben Viljoen’s, Rethabile Maleka walked away with the player of the match title.

All The Results:

4 May 2023

1st Team: Ben Vorster 41, Stanford 9; Pietersburg 42, Curro 4

2nd Team: Ben Vorster 34, Stanford 6

u15A: Ben Vorster 31, Stanford 6; Pietersburg 38, Curro 1

u15B: Ben Vorster 20, Stanford 6

u14A: Ben Vorster 39, Stanford 5; Pietersburg 31, Curro 1

u14B: Ben Vorster 18, Stanford 0

6 May 2023

1st Team: Ben Viljoen 41, Piet Potgieter 19

2nd Team: Hans Strijdom 28, Pietersburg 22; Ben Viljoen 12, Piet Potgieter 3

u16A: Ben Viljoen 25, Piet Potgieter 11

u16B: Pietersburg 20, Hans Strijdom 8; Ben Viljoen 20, Piet Potgieter 4

u15A: Piet Potgieter 13, Ben Viljoen 11

u15B: Pietersburg 29, Hans Strijdom 8; Ben Viljoen 16, Piet Potgieter 4

u14A: Piet Potgieter 13, Ben Viljoen 12

u14B: Pietersburg 17, Hans Strijdom 6; Ben Viljoen 14, Piet Potgieter 8

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