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Star-studded Rondebosch take to the Piley Rees for BishBosch this weekend

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Photo: Warwick Richter

The age-old rivalry between Bishops Diocesan College and Rondebosch Boys’ High, which stretches as far back as 1908, will add another chapter when the two proud schools do battle on the Piley Rees Field this Saturday.

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This year, Bishops is celebrating its 175th anniversary and a win against their peninsular rivals would be the perfect way to celebrate the historic milestone.

So far this season, however, they have been injury-plagued and struggled to find momentum. Their challengers, on the other hand, have been extremely impressive and boast eight representatives at the Craven Week this year.

Dylan Miller, Alutha Wesi and Joshua Neill have been selected for the Western Province team. David Simon, Randall-John Davids, Tom Barnard, Luqobo Makwedini and Matthew van der Merwe are in the WP XV.

Despite not having any players at this year’s youth weeks, the hosts have more than enough firepower. Lucca Mynhardt returns to fullback this weekend, with young Max Marr stepping into the scrumhalf position.

Mynhardt has been a standout in the Bishops team this season and will have a big part to play if they are to overcome the odds and beat Rondebosch.

He and his teammates will be fully aware that form and previous results rarely have an impact on derby day, and they will know, too, that anything can happen when these two storied schools take to the field.

Bishops has racked up 103 wins in the 116-year-old rivalry, while ‘Bosch has come out on top on 80 occasions and 19 games have ended in a draw.

Last year, Bishops beat Rondebosch 13-8 in their first meeting of the season. ‘Bosch returned the favour when they met again, edging past Bishops 36-35 on the Piley Rees Field in their return fixture.


Diocesan College: 15 Lucca Mynhardt, 14 Alex Newton, 13 Iviwe Dadamasi, 12 Ammar Laatoe, 11 Tim Visagie, 10 Jordan Petersen, 9 Max Marr, 8 Aza Gabada, 7 Uzoma Ngcwangu, 6 Josh MacDonald, 5 James Kotze, 4 Alex Smith, 3 Yusuf Ahmed, 2 Jack Campbell, 1 Gareth Mckinon.

Rondebosch Boys’ High: 15 Dylan Miller, 14 David Kadima, 13 Ewan Lawrie, 12 Alutha Wesi, 11 Shakeel Abrahams, 10 David Simon, 9 Travis van den Berg, 8 Collin Paul Kemp, 7 Joshua Neill, 6 Matthys du Plooy, 5 Tom Barnard, 4 Danil-Nicolas Oosthuizen, 3 Matthew van der Merwe, 2 Justin Amos, 1 Luke Pretorius.


Piley Rees: 12:15 – Diocesan College 1st XV vs Rondebosch Boys’ High 1st XV; 11:00 – Diocesan College II vs Rondebosch Boys’ High II; 09:45 – Diocesan College III vs Rondebosch Boys’ High III; 08:30 – Diocesan College VI vs Rondebosch Boys’ High VI.

Sahara: 11:00 – Diocesan College u16 B vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u16 B; 09:50 – Diocesan College u16 A vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u16 A; 08:40 – Diocesan College u16 C vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u16 C.

Avenue: 10:00 – Diocesan College V vs Rondebosch Boys’ High V; 08:30 – Diocesan College IV vs Rondebosch Boys’ High IV.

Range: 11:00 – Diocesan College u15 A vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u15 A; 10:05 – Diocesan College u15 B vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u15 B; 09:10 – Diocesan College u15 C vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u15 C; 08:15 – Diocesan College u15 D vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u15 D.

Cemetry: 10:30 – Diocesan College u14 A vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u14 A; 09:30 – Diocesan College u14 B vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u14 B; 08:30 – Diocesan College u14 C vs Rondebosch Boys’ High u14 C.

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