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Nelspruit takes nail-biting victory over Secunda

By Dalney Demana , in Netball | News Schools , at 2023-05-16

Hoërskool Nelspruit had their first league match on Saturday against Hoërskool Secunda.

The first team match was a thrilling game where both teams showed their strengths on the court.

The first quarter was the perfect chance for Nelspruit to set base and finish the round with a 11-7 lead against Secunda.

However, Secunda was not willing to let Nelspruit advance any further and fought back in the second quarter. They managed to equalize the score, changing control, and finishing on a 19-18 lead against Nelspruit.

It was a challenging last half with teams scoring on each side. It was not an easy win for Secunda but they managed to secure a 38-33 win at the end of the last quarter. 

Nelspruit’s second team did exceptionally well by giving Secunda the ultimate challenge, constantly applying pressure on their opponents. With just a one goal difference, Secunda snatched the 11-10 victory from Nelspruit.

Nelspruit’s junior girls came guns blazing, which resulted in all the u14 and u15 teams winning their matches against Secunda. They faced a tough opponent, but they kept their momentum achieving one goal difference victories in the u14A’s 12-11 and u15A’s 13-12 scores against Secunda.

Hoërskool Ben Viljoen won all their games against Hoërskool Warmbad on Wednesday.

Ben Viljoen’s first team took control of the game from the first quarter, finishing the round with a 9-2 score against Warmbad.

Control of the game was the mission for the day with Ben Viljoen’s resilient defenders. They made sure Warmbad wouldn’t catch up to their lead by preventing them from scoring a goal at the end of the second quarter, 22-2.

Ben Viljoen provided great sportsmanship even though they dominated the game, winning 45-15 against Warmbad. It was not an easy win for their u15A team.

Warmbad tried to stay in the game, but Ben Viljoen snatched the 20-13 victory. 

Hoërskool Hans Strijdom defeated Ben Viljoen’s first team 41-35 and the u14 teams game ended on a 14-all score

All The Results:

10 May 2023

u19A: Ben Viljoen 45, Warmbad 15
u19B: Ben Viljoen 16, Warmbad 16

u16A: Ben Viljoen 31, Warmbad 9

u15A: Ben Viljoen 20, Warmbad 13

u14A: Ben Viljoen 12, Warmbad 8

13 May 2023

u19A: Secunda 38, Nelspruit 33; Hans Strijdom 41, Ben Viljoen 35
u19B: Secunda 11, Nelspruit 10

u17A: Secunda 50, Nelspruit 10
u17B: Secunda 9, Nelspruit 5

u16A: Secunda 20, Nelspruit 8; Ben Viljoen 25, Hans Strijdom 12
u16B: Secunda 18, Nelspruit 9

u15A: Nelspruit 13, Secunda 12; Hans Strijdom 15, Ben Viljoen 13
u15B: Nelspruit 19, Secunda 12

u14A: Nelspruit 12, Secunda 11; Ben Vijoen 14, Hans Strijdom 14
u14B: Nelspruit 11, Secunda 6

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