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Kearsney Soccer Tournament set for kick-off

The inaugural Kearsney Soccer Tournament was a huge success, bringing together senior and primary school boys' teams, and high school girls' teams.
The inaugural Kearsney Soccer Tournament, played in 2023, was a huge success, bringing together senior and primary school boys’ teams, and high school girls’ teams.

After the success of the inaugural Kearsney Soccer Tournament last year, the second edition kicks off on Friday, 12 July, with boys and girls from 33 high and primary schools taking part.

With the increase in the number of participating schools, enthusiastic footballers will be heading to Kearsney College in Botha’s Hill, from across KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Northern Province, and the Eastern and Western Cape.

The three-day event provides an important boost for the development of football at grassroots level.

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Teams from 16 boys’ high schools, eight girls’ high schools and nine primary schools will showcase their skills and enjoy competitive fun during their mid-year holidays.

The senior boys’ teams which will participate are the defending champions’ Durban High School (DHS), Northwood and Clifton College (Durban); Maqhutshane Secondary and Siyajabula High (both KwaNyuswa); Curro Grantleigh (Richards Bay); Ashton Ballito; Paul Roos (Stellenbosch); Urban Academy (Gqeberha); Tuks Sport High School, Sutherland High and Curro Hazeldean (Gauteng); Lebone ll College (Rustenburg), with hosts Kearsney College, Thomas More and Pinetown Boys’ High from the Highway area.

Participating girls’ high schools are Durban Girls’ High, Danville Park and Maris Stella (all Durban); St Mary’s DSG and Thomas More (Kloof); Ashton Ballito; Curro Hazeldean (Pretoria) and Lebone ll College (Rustenburg).

They will be joined by nine local primary school teams – Highbury Prep, Hillcrest Primary, Kloof Senior Primary, Winston Park, Thomas More, Atholl Heights Primary, Ashton Ballito, Reddam Ballito and Merchiston Prep, from Pietermaritzburg.

Kearsney Headmaster Patrick Lees said, following the tremendous success of last year’s inaugural tournament, the College was proud to continue to be a catalyst in the development and growth of football among girls and boys at school level in South Africa.

He said he had no doubt that matches would again be fiercely contested but played in a spirit of true sportsmanship.

“Playing in these matches allows young sportspeople the opportunity to meet and interact with many new friends. Memories and friendships will be forged that will stand the test of time in the years ahead – be it during the players’ school years, tertiary or adult lives.”



Friday, 12 July 

7:30 – Kearsney vs Paul Roos, Roberts
8:30 – DHS vs Urban Academy, Roberts
9:30 – Thomas More vs Curro Grantleigh, Roberts
10:30 – Sutherland vs Curro Hazeldean, Roberts
11:30 – Kearsney vs Curro Grantleigh, Roberts
12:30 – DHS vs Curro Hazeldean, Roberts
13:30 – Thomas More vs Paul Roos, Roberts
14:30 – Urban Academy vs Sutherland, Roberts
15:30 – Kearsney vs Thomas More, Roberts

7:30 – Pinetown vs Northwood, Osler
8:30 – Lebone II College vs Clifton, Osler
9:30 – Tuks vs Maqhutshana , Osler
10:30 – Siyajabula vs Ashton, Osler
11:30 – Pinetown vs Maqhutshana, Osler
12:30 – Lebone II College vs Siyajabula, Osler
13:30 – Northwood vs Tuks, Osler
14:30 – Clifton vs Ashton, Osler
15:30 – Pinetown vs Tuks, Osler

Saturday, 13 July

7:30 – DHS vs Sutherland, Roberts
8:30 – Paul Roos vs Curro Grantleigh, Roberts
9:30 – Urban Academy vs Curro Hazeldean, Roberts

7:30 – Clifton vs Siyajabula, Osler
8:30 – Northwood vs Maqhutshana, Osler
9:30 – Ashton vs Lebone II College, Osler

11:00 – 1st A vs 2nd C (Champs Quarterfinal) – 1, Roberts
12:00 – 1st C vs 2nd A (Champs Quarterfinal) – 3, Roberts
13:00 – 3rd A vs 4th C (Plate Quarterfinal) – A, Roberts
14:00 – 3rd C vs 4th A (Plate Quarterfinal) – C, Roberts

11:00 – 1st B vs 2nd D (Champs Quarterfinal) – 2, Osler
12:00 – 1st D vs 2nd B (Champs Quarterfinal) – 4, Osler
13:00 – 3rd B vs 4th D (Plate Quarterfinal) – B, Osler
14:00 – 3rd D vs 4th B (Plate Quarterfinal) – D, Osler

15:00 – Winner 1 vs Winner 3 (Champs Semi-final) – 1, Roberts
15:00 – Winner 2 vs Winner 4 (Champs Semi-final) -2, Osler
16:00 – Winner A vs Winner C (Plate Semi-final) – A, Roberts
16:00 – Winner B vs Winner D (Plate Semi-final) – B, Osler

Sunday, 14 July

8:00 – 7 vs 8 (Play-off Champs), Roberts
9:00 – 5 vs 6 (Play-off Champs), Roberts
10:00 – Winner A vs Winner B (Plate Final), Roberts
11:00 – Winner 1 vs Winner 2,) Championship Final), Roberts

8:00 – 15 vs 16 (Play-off Plate), Osler
9:00 – 13 vs 14 (Play-off Plate), Osler
10:00 – Loser A vs Loser B (Play-off Plate), Osler
11:00 – Loser 1 vs Loser 2 (Play-off Champs), Osler


Friday, 12 July

8:00- St Mary’s vs Curro Hazeldean, Matterson
9:00 – Ashton College vs Thomas More, Matterson
10:00 – Maris Stella vs Lebone II College, Matterson
11:00 – Curro Hazeldean vs Danville Park, Matterson
12:00 – Thomas More vs Lebone II College, Matterson
13:00 – Durban Girls’ High vs St Mary’s, Matterson
14:00 – Ashton College vs Maris Stella, Matterson
15:00 – Danville Park vs Durban Girls’ High, Matterson

Saturday, 13 July

08:00 – Curro Hazeldean vs Durban Girls’ High, Matterson
9:00 – Lebone II College vs Ashton College, Matterson
10:00 – St Mary’s vs Danville Park, Matterson
11:00 – Thomas More vs Maris Stella, Matterson
12:30 – 3rd A vs 4th B (Plate Section Semi-final) – A, Matterson
13:30 – 3rd B vs 4th A (Plate Section Semi-final) – B, Matterson
14:30 – 1st A vs 2nd B (Championship Semi-final) – 1, Matterson
15:30 – 1st B vs 2nd A (Championship Semi-final) – 2, Matterson

Sunday, 14 July

8:00 – Loser A vs Loser B (Plate 7th/8th Play-off), Matterson
9:00 – Winner A vs Winner B (High Schools Girls’ Plate Final), Matterson
10:00 – Loser 1 vs Loser 2 (Championship 3rd/4th Play-off), Matterson
11:00 – Winner 1 vs Winner 2 (High Schools Girls’ Champs Final), Matterson


Friday, 12 July

08:00 – Ashton Ballito vs Thomas More, Silcock
8:50 – Athol Heights vs Reddam Ballito, Silcock
9:40 – Highbury Prep A vs Kloof Snr, Silcock
10:30 – Hillcrest vs Merchiston Prep, Silcock
11:20 – Kloof Snr vs Ashton Ballito, Silcock
12:10 – Atholl Heights vs Hillcrest, Silcock
13:00 – Thomas More vs Winston Park, Silcock
13:50 – Reddam Ballito vs Highbury Prep B, Silcock
14:40 – Highbury Prep A vs Winston Park, Silcock
15:30 – Highbury Prep B vs Merchiston Prep, Silcock

Saturday, 13 July

8:00 – Merchiston Prep vs Atholl Heights, Silcock
8:50 – Ashton Ballito vs Highbury Prep A, Silcock
9:40 – Hillcrest vs Highbury Prep B, Silcock
10:30 – Winston Park vs Kloof Snr, Silcock
11:20 – Merchiston Prep vs Reddam Ballito, Silcock
12:10 – Kloof Snr vs Thomas More, Silcock
13:00 – Reddam Ballito vs Hillcrest, Silcock
13:50 – Thomas More vs Highbury Prep A, Silcock
14:40 – Highbury Prep B vs Atholl Heights, Silcock
15:30 – Winston Park vs Ashton Ballito, Silcock

Sunday, 14 July

8:00 – 5th Group A vs 5th Group B (9/10 Play-off), Silcock
8:50 – 4th Group A vs 4th Group B (7/8 Play-off), Silcock
9:40 – 3rd Group A vs 3rd Group B (5/6 Play-off), Silcock
10:30 – 2nd Group A vs 2nd Group B (3/4 Play-off), Silcock
11:20 – 1st Group A vs 1st Group B (Primary Champ Final), Silcock

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