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Collegiate celebrates win during Founders Weekend

By Dalney Demana , in Netball | News news , at 2023-05-12

Old Girls Squad: Liezel Botha, Kayleigh Hill, Rebecca King, Rachel King, Melissa Weiss, Ofentse Senatle, Kay-Lee Marx, Ogi Oliphant and Joseline Maas

Collegiate celebrated their 149th birthday celebration by hosting their Founders Weekend filled with various sport codes this past weekend.

On Friday, 5 May the u14, u16 and u19 teams faced Diocesan School for Girls. The last time Collegiate’s first team faced Diocesan, the game ended in a draw.

DSG started the game with a fierce attack strategy but Collegiate returned the energy by not holding back on their defense. It was an intense first quarter with both teams shooting the necessary goals to stay in the game.

DSG proved to be a difficult competitor making use of swift ball passes which made Collegiate increase their defense leading to a 4-all equalizer. It was a highly skilled quarter round where one mistake ultimately led to the opponent getting the advantage. DSG ended this quarter on a 7-6 lead.

Collegiate returned to the second quarter with a point to prove by equalizing the 7-7 score. DSG made it extremely hard for Collegiate to gain the lead but once they got it, the girls had enough stamina to maintain their lead. Collegiate kept the goals coming but DSG wasn’t willing to stay behind and placed more pressure on their attack players in their goal circle.

However, with every goal missed by DSG, Collegiate would use this as an opportunity to advance their lead. The game got more intense in the last half with both teams fighting for the win. DSG’s mishandling of the ball gave Collegiate the advantage and they made sure they used every opportunity to secure their 29-19 victory against DSG.

The following day, Collegiate’s first team went up against the Old Girls team. This is a team with former Collegiate players with mixed ages. The first team were impressive from the first minute of the game, taking the early lead of 5-2 against the Old Girls team at the end of the first quarter. The girls exercised speed and a strong defense strategy against their opponents, preventing them from equalizing the score.

The first team defeated the Old Girls Team 27-10.

Despatch faced Otto du Plessis on Saturday, 6 May 2023.

The Despatch first team entered the game with a heavy attack drive securing 19 goals to four in the first quarter. Otto du Plessis could not go around Despatch’s defense and failed to gain enough goals in the first half. The second quarter ended with Despatch in the 31-8 lead against Otto du Plessis. Once Despatch saw they had control of the game, they ensured they tightened their defense increasing pressure on their attack players.

Their strategy worked well because Otto du Plessis only managed to score four goals in the last half. Despatch’s first team walked away with a swift 49-12 victory against Otto du Plessis.

The rest of Despatch’s teams won all their games. The u16A team did extremely well by taking the 44-9 victory whilst the u16C didn’t give Otto du Plessis a chance to advance in their 23-1 loss.

All The Results

5 May 2023

u19A – Collegiate 29, Diocesan School for Girls 19
u19B – Collegiate 13, Diocesan School for Girls 8
u19C – Collegiate 18, Diocesan School for Girls 5
u19D – Collegiate 11, Diocesan School for Girls 10

u16A: Collegiate 22, Diocesan School for Girls 10
u16B: Collegiate 19, Diocesan School for Girls 7
u16C: Collegiate 25, Diocesan School for Girls 5
u16D: Collegiate 14, Diocesan School for Girls 5

u14A: Collegiate 17, Diocesan School for Girls 6
u14B: Collegiate 8, Diocesan School for Girls 3
u14C: Collegiate 12, Diocesan School for Girls 4
u14D: Collegiate 18, Diocesan School for Girls 1

6 May 2023

u19A – Collegiate 27, Old School Girls 10; Despatch 49, Otto Du Plessis 12
u19B –  Despatch 25, Otto Du Plessis 7

u16A: Despatch 44, Otto Du Plessis 9
u16B: Despatch 26, Otto Du Plessis 2
u16C: Despatch 23, Otto Du Plessis 1

u14A: Despatch 28, Otto Du Plessis 4
u14B: Despatch 13, Otto Du Plessis 4

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