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Xolani Mthimkulu about the importance of sustainable football academies

By Siya Pongco , in Football | News , at 2023-06-12

Ever wonder why South African Football development despite the talent is behind countries such as Brazil, Germany and even Senegal? 

Xolani Mathumbo, CEO of RESA says South Africans should learn a thing or two from rugby schools of South Africa. How they are doing and why rugby is successful in the country from the school level up to the national team. 

There is no doubt that South Africa is a football loving nation and football is the most popular sport in South Africa, however the world knows us for rugby and cricket amongst other sports. There is no tangible structure from the top level to the schools that supports the growth of football in South Africa. Xolani remembers a time when football was a popular sport in schools. Where investments and sport curricula were encouraged at schools in and out of the townships. He says nowadays you don’t see that especially in the townships almost everyone has given up on football and that is a painful reality.  

For decades Xolani has been working with young people coming from diverse backgrounds, trying to give them hope and a much better future through football. 

“Remember Elite Sports Academy has built a team that has weathered the storms. Our team efforts spawn’s growth and development and ensure a conducive environment for responsible citizens in and out of football, says Xolani. 

When RESA academy came to life, there was almost nothing, from the facilities to the team that they have today. Today, the academy continues its growth in all aspects of its department. 

Establishing a unified structure has been an important aspect of our growth, says Xolani. As a football academy, the RESA family had to invest in a long-term plan in order to create a platform designed for their system. We have put together a team of young and old to work together, from the kitchen staff to the coaching team we all understand the importance of working together as a collective. 

Thulani Mthimkulu, technical director of the academy says he has a duty to analyze and come up with strategic objectives designed solely for their academy. Working closely with the coaches and ensuring they get every detail to know the progress of each player at RESA is very important for us, as that enables us to know the depths of the squad. 

Hard work, dedication, honour and integrity is what defines us as an academy, we as the leaders from the management team are obliged to live by those models and thus it becomes easy for our young talents to follow in the footsteps. 

Xolani says, if the South Africa Football Association could establish a working system that tracks the growth and development of players in each province, the nation could stand a chance of creating a much better future for young footballers in the country. 

Xolani also applauded SuperSport Schools for the platform that is given to the youth to showcase their talent. He believes that this is a step forward in the right direction in the development of South African football. He also hopes this will be a great opportunity for sponsors to come forward and support the work that they have been doing for years, him and other academies in the country. 


Siya Pongco
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