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SA’s top teams set for St John’s College Basketball Tournament

By Siya Pongco , in Basketball | Featured Basketball | News , at 2024-02-09

St Charles College celebrates winning the 2023 St John's Basketball Tournament u19 title after a 40-36 victory over St David's Marist Inanda in the final.
St Charles College celebrates winning the 2023 St John’s Basketball Tournament u19 title after a 40-36 victory over St David’s Marist Inanda in the final.

With the basketball season hitting its stride, many of the country’s leading teams are beginning to cast an eye towards the biggest boys’ basketball event in Southern Africa, the St John’s College Basketball Tournament.

From 22 to 24 February, 768 players, from three countries and four South African provinces, will gather on the courts to showcase their skills across three age groups. Among the teams travelling to St John’s College are Waterford Kamhlaba, from Eswatini, and Falcon College and St George’s College, from Zimbabwe.

Those teams will be competing in the u19 boys’ competition, facing tough opponents like Maritzburg College, from KwaZulu-Natal, and St Benedict’s College, from Johannesburg, who will be among the top contenders.

Towards the end of 2023, at Kearsney College’s Independent Schools Stayers’ Basketball Tournament (ISSBT), Bennies beat College in the final, and both have been in impressive form this year.

Just last weekend, St Benedict’s won the American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ) Invitational High School Basketball Tournament, convincingly defeating St John’s College 54-30 in the final to keep their unbeaten tournament record intact.

Meanwhile, Maritzburg College’s high-pressure game has been producing highly entertaining and match-winning basketball. Most recently, College visited Michaelhouse, where they powered their way to a big 67-39 win. Their fast-paced play, especially their suffocating defence, makes them a difficult challenge.

Some other KZN schools could be in the running for the title, too. St Charles College is the defending champion. They have a rich pedigree in the sport, and it would be foolhardy to overlook the challenge they pose. In Taite Hendricks and James Wucherer, they have two extremely exciting talents.

Northwood School, meanwhile, can hang with the best of them, as they showed when they beat Maritzburg College 49-35 in the final of the Kearsney Invitational Basketball Tournament, which followed the ISSBT. They had previously gone down 71-81 to College in a regular season fixture.

If the Knights can find their rhythm and consistency, led by Chadley Hargreaves and Lusanda Hlongwane, coach Kent VanderYacht‘s team could pose a real problem for any opponent.

St John’s College dominated the u16 competition at the recent AISJ Invitational, showcasing outstanding skills as they outplayed ESCA 57-39 in the final. One of their standout performers was Reza Creamer, their talented point guard, even though he had moved up an age group for the event. With terrific ball-handling skills and a silky-smooth shot, he will bear watching in the u15 competition.

For those unable to attend the event at St John’s College, the tournament will be broadcast on the SuperSport Schools App, the official media partner of the St John’s Basketball Tournament.

With an exciting and entertaining event anticipated, and the cream of South Africa’s young basketball talent in action, enthusiasts of the sport will be able to enjoy the action from the comfort of their homes.


Thursday, 22 February

Main Court

13:00                                  u13 Saheti Mangaung
14:10                                   u19 St John’s Parktown
15:20                                   u19 Maritzburg St Alban’s
16:30                                   u15 Saheti St John’s
17:40                                   u13 St John’s St Benedict’s
18:30                                   u15 Michaelhouse Sacred Heart
19:20                                   u19 Michaelhouse Waterford

Court 2

13:00                                  u13 St Andrew’s The Ridge
14:10                                   u19 St Charles Pretoria Boys
15:20                                   u19 Jeppe St David’s
16:30                                   u15 Kearsney Clifton
17:40                                   u13 St Stithians Soweto Academy
18:30                                   u15 St David’s St Alban’s
19:20                                   u19 Michael Mount Clifton

Court 3

13:00                                  u13 Michael Mount St Peter’s
14:10                                   u19 Hilton Northwood
15:20                                   u19 Kearsney St Benedict’s
16:30                                   u15 St Andrew’s King’s Linbro
17:40                                   u13 St David’s Sacred Heart
18:30                                   u15 St Charles Mangaung Knights
19:20                                   u19 St David’s Maritzburg

Tennis 1

13:00                                  u13 Redhill St John’s
14:10                                   u19 St Stithians St Peter’s
15:20                                   u19 St George’s Sacred Heart
16:30                                   u15 Michael Mount Maritzburg
17:40                                   u13 Saheti St Andrew’s
18:30                                   u15 Redhill St Benedict’s
19:20                                   u19 Jeppe St Alban’s

Tennis 2

13:00                                  u13 St Stithians St Benedict’s
14:10                                   u19 Michael Mount Michaelhouse
15:20                                   u19 ESCA Falcon
16:30                                   u15 Pretoria Boys Northwood
17:40                                   u13 Michael Mount The Ridge
18:30                                   u15 Soweto Academy Jeppe
19:20                                  u19 Pretoria Boys Parktown

Long Walk

13:00                                  u13 St David’s Soweto Academy
14:10                                   u19 Waterford Clifton
15:20                                   u19 St Andrew’s King Edward VII
16:30                                   u15 St Stithians St Peter’s
17:40                                   u13 Pridwin St Peter’s
18:30                                   u15 King Edward VII Hilton
19:20                                   u19 St John’s St Charles

Friday Fixtures

Main Court

08:00                                 u13 St John’s St David’s
09:10                                  u19 Northwood St Stithians
10:20                                  u15 Clifton Saheti
11:30                                   u15 Northwood St Stithians
12:40                                   u13 Michael Mount Saheti
13:50                                   u19 St Alban’s St David’s
15:00                                  u19 St George’s Kearsney
16:10                                   u13 St Benedict’s Sacred Heart
17:20                                   u15 Jeppe Hilton
18:30                                   u15 St Andrew’s Michael Mount

Court 2

08:00                                 u13 St Benedict’s Redhill
09:10                                  u19 St Peter’s Hilton
10:20                                  u15 St John’s Kearsney
11:30                                   u15 St Peter’s Pretoria Boys
12:40                                   u13 The Ridge Pridwin
13:50                                   u19 Maritzburg Jeppe
15:00                                  u19 Sacred Heart St Benedict’s
16:10                                   u13 St John’s Soweto Academy
17:20                                   u15 Soweto Academy King Edward
18:30                                   u15 Maritzburg King’s Linbro

Court 3

08:00                                 u13 Soweto Academy Sacred Heart
09:10                                  u19 Falcon St Andrew’s
10:20                                  u15 Michael Mount King’s Linbro
11:30                                   u15 Sacred Heart St David’s
12:40                                   u13 Mangaung St Andrew’s
13:50                                   u19 Hilton Stithians
15:00                                  u19 Falcon King Edward VII
16:10                                   u13 Redhill St Stithians
17:20                                   u15 Mangaung St Benedict’s
18:30                                   u15 Kearsney Saheti

Tennis 1

08:00                                 u13 Pridwin Saheti
09:10                                  u19 King Edward VII ESCA
10:20                                  u15 Maritzburg St Andrew’s
11:30                                   u15 St Alban’s Michael House
12:40                                   u13 Redhill St David’s
13:50                                   u19 St Peter’s Northwood
15:00                                  u19 St Andrew’s ESCA
16:10                                   u13 Pridwin Mangaung
17:20                                   u15 Redhill St Charles
18:30                                   u15 St John’s Clifton

Tennis 2

08:00                                 u13 St Andrew’s Michael Mount
09:10                                  u19 Sacred Heart Kearsney
10:20                                  u15 Jeppe Edward VII
11:30                                   u15 St Benedict’s St Charles
12:40                                   u13 St Stithians Sacred Heart
13:50                                   u19 St Charles Parktown
15:00                                  u19 Michaelhouse Clifton
16:10                                   u13 The Ridge Saheti
17:20                                   u15 St Peter’s Northwood
18:30                                   u15 St Alban’s Sacred Heart

Long walk

08:00                                 u13 Mangaung St Peter’s
09:10                                  u19 St Benedict’s St George’s
10:20                                  u15 Hilton Soweto Academy
11:30                                   u15 Mangaung Redhill
12:40                                   u13 St Benedict’s Soweto Academy
13:50                                   u19 Pretoria Boys St John’s
15:00                                  u19 Waterford Michael Mount
16:10                                   u13 St Andrew’s St Peter’s
17:20                                   u15 Pretoria Boys St Stithians
18:30                                   u15 Michaelhouse St David’s


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