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Northwood’s High School forward, Zethembiso Phenyana to travel to Germany to compete in the FC Bayern International Cup in 2024

By Siya Pongco , in Football | News , at 2023-09-02

Zethembiso reflects on the season thus far and he speaks highly about his passion for football on and off the field. He is among the ten players selected during the FC Bayern Youth Cup in Northwood that will be travelling to Germany in 2024. 

During an interview with Zethembiso, he says he would like to score more goals, and end up a top scorer this season in school’s football. Furthermore, he would like to achieve more individuals’ goals and awards together with the team of Northwood High School. 

Zethembiso says being a student and a player comes up with its own challenges and difficulties. “Sometimes you get to travel long distances and you come up with fatigue, and at that you still have an assignment to complete, after all school work comes first”, he said. 

One of the challenges that he has had to face, is finding himself as a young player and he believes that this is something most young players must face in their daily lives. Another thing that he must face is negative comments being said behind your back. 

However, Zethembiso says the best thing he could do in those circumstances is take those comments, work hard and use them as fuel in order to get stronger as a young player and footballer. “Also, I have to learn that as a player you are not just playing for yourself, but you are playing for a team that has built a winning structure”, he said. 

“The team of Northwood is blessed with a highly working team, we have the best technical team out there, I believe so. Our coaches have included our directors who know the players very well on a personal level. They know how to position each player to the best of their abilities” Zethembiso said. 

Lesson learnt as a young footballer from Zethembiso, “Consistency is key, without consistency, hard work and determination you are bound to get nowhere in life, those few words have become part of my daily life including prayer”, he said.

Nicknamed as Zet, Kyle Walker or Cristiano Ronaldo, his favourite is Cristiano Ronaldo. Playing left winger, Zet says he always identified with Ronaldo, and he is the one that got him to play football. 

Zethembiso expressed how proud he is and still shocked that he was selected amongst the ten players to compete in the international FC Bayern Youth Cup. “I was shocked to hear my name being called, like is this really happening, but at the same time, I thank God because I know without Him none of this is possible”, Zethembiso said. 

Moving forward, he spoke about the importance of keeping his head high for the remainder of the season and that he stays fit and continues to score goals. 

In closing, Zethembiso said his dreams of becoming a professional footballer or a sports scientist. He says he finds these professions aligning with each other, and even if he doesn’t become a professional footballer, he will still be in the profession of football. 



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