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Northwood marches on, St Charles impress at Jenny Orchard Invitational

Friday’s action at the Jenny Orchard Invitational Basketball Tournament, being hosted by Maritzburg College, decided the winners of the pools in Division A, with Northwood, once again, catching the eye with a powerful performance against SACS, which was followed by a surprisingly tight contest for the Knights against ESCA Wanderers.

Before that, though, SACS ran into a Northwood buzz saw, with the Durban boys all over the Capetonians as they powered their way to a 55-point victory. In their next outing, however, Northwood won by only five points over ESCA.

It was one of those topsy-turvy results that is hard to explain, especially since Maritzburg College, whom Northwood had beaten by 12 on Thursday, ran out the winners by 23 points over ESCA.

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With Northwood and Maritzburg College finishing one and two in Pool D, there is still a possibility that they could face off once again in the final.

It’s a rough reward for Pool C winners, Kearsney College, that they will have to face Maritzburg College in the playoffs at 13:30 on Saturday.

Kearsney’s played some good ball over the course of the past two days, beating Hilton College 52-47 in their opener before recording a fine 67-60 win over the Soweto Basketball Academy, followed by a 40-point victory over Bishops.

The boys from Botha’s Hill have been in good form, but make no mistake, they will be the underdogs against College in the playoffs.

Northwood’s reward for topping Pool D is a showdown with the Soweto Basketball Academy, also at 13:30.

Probably the toughest pool to call before the tournament was Pool A, but St David’s Marist Inanda finished on top there, ahead of their three KZN opponents.

After a narrow three-point victory over Durban High School (DHS) on Thursday, they added a second three-point win on Friday, this time over the defending champions, Michaelhouse, and they completed their Pool A assignments with a comfortable 62-37 win over Westville Boys’ High, who must be disappointed. They’ve not been at their best.

Michaelhouse, thanks to a 58-53 win over DHS, claimed second place in Pool A and have an opportunity to repeat the road they took to winning the title in 2023, when they also finished second in their pool.

Those results mean St David’s will take on St John’s College, second in Pool B, at 11:30 in the quarterfinals on Saturday, while Michaelhouse will face Group B winners, St Charles College, at the same time.

Saints made light work of Group B, following up their opening 26-point win over Clifton College with a 65-34 victory over Rondebosch Boys’ High, and a 68-52 defeat of St John’s College to wrap up first place.

St John’s beat Clifton College 64-49, but the Durban boys finished pool play on a high note, showing off their fighting spirit in a come-back-from-the-dead 61-58 win over Rondebosch.



Pool A
Westville Boys’ High 51-56 Durban High School
Michaelhouse 52-55 St David’s Marist Inanda
Durban High School 53-58 Michaelhouse
Westville Boys’ High 37-62 St David’s Marist Inanda

Pool B
Rondebosch Boys’ High 34-65 St Charles College
Clifton College 49-64 St John’s College
Clifton College 61-58 Rondebosch Boys’ High
St John’s College 52-68 St Charles College

Pool C
Soweto Basketball Academy 60-67 Kearsney College
Hilton College 70-41 Bishops Diocesan College
Bishops Diocesan College 19-59 Kearsney College
Hilton College 63-80 Soweto Basketball Academy

Pool D
ESCA 48-71 Maritzburg College
SACS 35-90 Northwood
Northwood 60-55 ESCA
SACS 42-94 Maritzburg College

In Division B, Maritzburg College B is in first place in Pool A, while Wynberg Boys’ High tops Pool B after sneaking by Botswana’s Maru-a-Pula by just two points.

Four matches remain on Saturday morning in Division B’s pool play before the playoff match ups are decided.



Pool A
UFS 41-30 Queen’s College
Treverton College 37-51 Maritzburg College B
UFS 68-48 St Benedict’s School
Treverton College 22-34 Queen’s College
Maritzburg College B 68-40 UFS
St Benedict’s School 40-24 Treverton College
Queen’s College 28-42 Maritzburg College B

Pool B
Maru-a-Pula 73-48 Jenny Orchard Invitational
Alexandra High 46-79 Enjabulweni
Maru-a-Pula 43-45 Wynberg Boys’ High
Enjabulweni 40-37 Jenny Orchard Invitational
Alexandra High 58-62 Maru-a-Pula
Wynberg Boys’ High 62-23 Jenny Orchard Invitational
Enjabulweni 55-42 Maru-a-Pula

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