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Gesond Vilakazi Foundation Freedom Day tournament launched

By Siya Pongco , in Football | Featured Football | News , at 2024-04-24

The highly anticipated annual Gesond Vilakazi Foundation (GVF) Freedom Day Knockout Tournament was officially launched at the Rio Casino Hotel in Matlosana (formerly Klerksdorp), on Monday.

Among those in attendance at the draw was the South African football legend, Lucky Lekgwathi. The former Orlando Pirates’ captain, who led Amabhakabhaka to the treble in successive years – in the 2010/11 and 2011/12 seasons – pledged to contribute to the GVF Sporting Monyetla programme activities, which seek to open doors and create pathways for football talent in Matlosana.

From left to right: Lucky Lekgwathi, Gesond Vilakazi (GVF Chairperson), Andrew Peterson, James Tsolela, and O.S Setlhare

The South African Football Association (SAFA), Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Matlosana Local Football Associations, club owners, local business owners and members of the media, were also in attendance.

The annual Freedom Day Knockout kicks off on Freedom Day, Saturday, 27 April.

The Chairperson of the GVF, Gesond Vilakazi, said the knockout tournament aims to create opportunities for local players in the u17 and u19 age groups.

“The goal is to pave the way for them to join clubs in the Motsepe Championship (National First Division), DStv Premiership and even overseas clubs,” he stated.

During the launch, Vilakazi confirmed that a squad of 20 u19 players would be selected after the tournament to participate in friendly matches against leading clubs like TS Galaxy, Kaizer Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns, Orlando Pirates, and SuperSport United. The squad would also be entered into big competitions, such as the Bayhill Premier Cup and the Iber Cup.

The Freedom Day Knockout is a key event on the GVF Sporting Monyetla Programme’s annual schedule, and their hope is that it will having a lasting impact on the Matlosana area.

Sports in South Africa have proven they possess a remarkable ability to bridge gaps between generations, cultures, races and social classes. Recognising this, the Gesond Vilakazi Foundation is utilising sport to engage children in activities during school holidays, and to provide them with life skills and education.

The organisers listed the four primary objectives of the Gesond Vilakazi Foundation:

  1. To unite soccer enthusiasts, clubs and the general public from all corners of Matlosana, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition through enjoyable soccer tournaments.
  2. To create opportunities for talented soccer players to be recognised, scouted and potentially recruited by professional clubs in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and various European Clubs.
  3. To empower coaches of all participating teams by organising seminars that enhance their coaching skills and knowledge. Esteemed speakers will share their insights on technical advancement and sports science, further enriching their coaching acumen.
  4. To provide all participating players with valuable life skills, training and coaching clinics, ensuring their holistic development both on and off the field.

GVF Sporting Chance Programme Tournaments

  1. The Freedom Day Tournament, 27 April – 4 May
  2. The Future Gen Knock Out, 15-22 June
  3. The Maltosana Festive Knock Out 14-21 December

Freedom Day Tournament Fixtures – u17 – 27 April

Group A: Matlosana Stadium

09:00 – Imkava Sporting FC vs Suncity Arsenal FC
11:15 – Kosh FC vs Ikamva Sporting
13:30 – Suncity Arsenal FC vs Kosh FC

Group B: Extension 16 Ground

09:00 – Mighty Rovers FC vs Golden Palace FC
11:30 – Bianca FC vs Mighty Rovers FC
13:00 – Golden Palace FC vs Bianca FC

Group C: Alabama Stadium C

09:00 – Ellaton United FC vs Alabama Athletic FC
10:15 – Klerksdorp Young Stars vs Alabama Young Stars
11:30 – Milano FC vs Winner Match 10
14:00 – Winner Match 11 vs Winner Match 12

Group E: Orkney 6 Ground

10:00 – Striking Mountain Movers vs Orkney Juventus FC
12:00 – Makhoti FC vs Striking Mountain Movers
14:00 – Orkney Juventus FC vs Makhoti FC

Group R: Kanana Stadium

09:00 – Kanana Young Chelsea FC vs Cloud 9 FC
11:30 – Kanana United FC vs Kanana Young Chelsea FC
14:00 – Cloud 9 FC vs Kanana United FC

Group G: Kanana Stadium

10:15 – Orkney Young Zebras FC vs Kanana Academy
12:45 – Kanana Celtics FC vs Orkney Young Zebras FC
15:15 – Kanana Academy vs Kanana Celtics FC

1 May: Group Stage Klerksdorp/ Jouberto/ Alabama/ Tigame Teams

Matlosana Stadium

10:00 – Group A winner vs Group D winner
11:15 – Group B Winner vs Group C winner
14:00 – Winner Match 23 vs Winner Match 24

Kanana Stadium: Group Stage Kanana/ Vaal Reefs/ Orkney Teams

10:00 – Group E winner vs Group F winner
12:30 – Group G winner vs Group E winner
14:00 – Group F winner vs Group G winner

4 May: u17 Final

Venue: Brazil Stadium

12:00 – Winner Klerksdorp Teams vs Winner Orkney Teams

Fixtures u19, April 28

Group A: Matlosana Stadium 

09:00 – Eagles FC vs Golden Palace FC
11:15 – Kosh Academy vs Eagles FC
13:30 – Golden Palace FC vs Kosh Academy

Group B: Brazil Stadium

08:00 – Eastern Togers FC vs Thembu Stars FC
10:00 – Klerksdorp Rising Stars vs Eastern Tigers FC
12:00 – Thembu Stars FC vs Klerksdorp Rising Stars

Group C: Alabama Stadium

09:00 – Ikamva Sporting FC vs Alabama Young Stars
11:15 – Alabama Athletic FC vs Ikamva Sporting FC
13:30 – Alabama Young Stats FC vs Alabama Athletic FC

Group D: Kanana Stadium

0800 – Rybakina FC vs Kanana Celtics FC
09:15 – Makhoti FC vsKanana Young Athletic FC
11:30 – Winner Match 11 vs Winner Match 12

1 May: Semi Finals 

Recreational Centre

12:00 – Group D winner vs Group C winner

Matlosana Stadium

12:30 – Group A winner vs Group B winner

4 May: Final 

Brazil Stadium

14:00 – Winner Match 13 vs Winner Match 14

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