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Fixtures for the Buffalo City High Schools League of 2023

By Siya Pongco , in Football | News , at 2023-03-22

The city of East London is keeping soccer alive and well in a province predominant of rugby and other sporting code areas. 

The Buffalo City High Schools Soccer League devised three separate league tiers under the local football association of Bunkers West Local Football Association. Bunkers West is a SAFA recognised Local Football Association and under their guidance and guideline High Schools participating in these leagues are eligible for SAFA competitions.

The province is blessed with talent as much as other provinces when it comes to football, however there are significant constraints in getting that talent out there. During an interview with the league coordinators, Matthew Geach and Tevin Klaase they highlighted some of these factors: Lack of media coverage, sponsorships deals and commitments from the relevant structures in supporting and nurturing the talent that the provinces posses results in lost opportunities for the young boys who hope to play the sport at a professional level. 

The Buffalo City High Schools Soccer league has come from a long run and the team has been applauded for its growth over the years. Currently the league is set up in three blocks (Block A, B and Block C) designed in a manner that each block has been allocated based on their geographical location to further assist schools that may have transport issues getting to travel the pupils to the games out of their reach. The league coordinators also said that they are in the process of setting up a Girls High Soccer Schools league to further encourage the growth of soccer in the region. 

The league is already under-way, Selborne College is leading the table with 9 points after successfully winning their three games. 

Here are today’s fixtures are as follows- Block B: 

Round 5 – 22/03/2023

Dale College vs Center of Excellence
Stutternheim vs Selborne College
Merrifield vs De Vos Malan
George Randell vd Baysville

Round 6 – 19/04/2023

Selborne College vs Center of Excellence
Cathcart vs Dale College
Baysville vs Stutterheim
George Randell vs Merrifield


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