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Cricket season gets underway this weekend at Pearson Cricket Festival

By Willem Louw , in Cricket | News , at 2023-09-07

The 15th Pearson High School Cricket Festival takes place this weekend in Gqeberha as 25 teams come to compete at the biggest schools cricket festival in the Eastern Cape.

Each team will be competing in two T20 matches on Thursday, a timed match on Friday in which each side will bat twice and two 50 over matches on Saturday and Sunday.

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This tournament will provide the perfect start to the season for most of the teams, and a first opportunity to take stock of the talent that will be on show this coming season.

The hosts started their season strong last weekend by beating Union by 322 runs in their first 50 over match of the season after a mighty innings by both their opening batsmen and some precise bowling by Brayden Andrews, they will be looking to carry that momentum into their home tournament this weekend.

Owen Reyneke-Barnard scored 142 before he was run out, and his opening partner, Jayden Groenewald got to 103 off only 89 deliveries faced. Andrews then went on to take five wickets, conceding only nine runs.

The encounter between the hosts and Queens College on the final day promises to be one of the highlights of the festival. The boys from Queenstown are always a big challenge and this match will be a good indication of where both teams are at early on in the season.

On Saturday, Grey High versus Potchefstroom Gimnasium also promises sparks as it always has when these two have crossed paths.

Rondebosch Boys’ High are considered to be among the top cricketing schools in the country, they will be represented at the festival by a Colts Invitational team but will undoubtedly still be a force to be reckoned with.

Two visitors from further afield will be joining this event for the first time this year when Boland Landbou come from Paarl and York travels out of George to compete.

Boland Landbou’s date with Marlow on Sunday is another fixture that stands out, but with 51 matches being played over the four days, cricket lovers are spoiled for choice all weekend.

Participating teams: Pearson, Potchefstroom Gimnasium, Sterling, Union, Boland Landbou, Marlow, Grey High, Parel Vallei, Muir College, Queens College, Victoria Park, York, Westering, Graeme College, Brandwag, Nico Malan, Otto du Plessis, Cradock, Despatch, Woodridge, Rondebosch Boys’ High Colts, DF Malherbe, Hudson Park, Pearson Invitational.

The fixtures are:

Thursday (T20)

09:00 – Pearson vs Stirling (Pearson A); Hudson Park vs Rondebosch Boys’ High Colts (NMU A); Graeme College vs Potchefstroom Gimnasium (MNU B); Victoria Park vs Cradock (Victoria Park A); Otto du Plessis vs Despatch (Otto du Plessis A); Daniel Pienaar vs Parel Vallei (Daniel Pienaar A); Westering vs Union (Westering A); Woodrigde vs York (Woodridge A); Pearson Invitational vs Nico Malan (Pearson B); Brandwag vs Marlow (Brandwag A).

13:30 – Pearson vs York (Pearson A); Grey High vs Stirling (Old Grey); Graeme College vs Parel Vallei (NMU A); Rondebosch Boys’ High Colts vs Queens College (NMU B); Victoria Park vs Nico Malan (Victoria Park A); Woodridge vs Hudson Park (Woodridge A); Daniel Pienaar vs Potchefstroom Gimnasium (Daniel Pienaar A); Westering vs Cradock (Westering A); Brandwag vs Otto du Plessis (Brandwag A); Muir College vs Union (Muir A); Despatch vs Marlow (Despatch A).

Friday (Time Format)

09:00 – Pearson vs Potchefstroom Gimnasium (Pearson A); Stirling vs Union (NMU B); Boland Landbou vs Marlow (NMU A); Grey High vs Parel Vallei (Old Grey); Muir College vs Queens College (Muir A); Victoria Park vs York (Victoria Park A); Westering vs Graeme College (Westering A); Brandwag vs Nico Malan (Brandwag A); Otto du Plessis vs Cradock (Otto du Plessis A); Despatch vs Pearson Invitational (Despatch A); Woodridge vs Rondebosch Boys’ High Colts (Woodridge A); Daniel Pienaar vs Hudson Park (Daniel Pienaar A).

Saturday (50 Overs)

09:00 – Pearson vs Hudson Park (Pearson A); Boland Landbou vs Graeme College (NMU A); Parel Vallei vs Stirling (NMU B); Grey High vs Potchefstroom Gimnasium (Old Grey); Victoria Park vs Rondebosch Boys’ High Colts (Victoria Park A); DF Malherbe vs Union (DF Malherbe); Otto du Plessis vs Pearson Invitational (Otto du Plessis A); Westering vs Marlow (Westering A); Muir College vs York (Muir A); Daniel Pienaar vs Nico Malan (Daniel Pienaar A); Woodridge vs Queens College (Woodridge A); Brandwag vs Cradock (Brandwag A).

Sunday (50 Overs)

09:00 – Pearson vs Queens College (Pearson A); Muir College vs Boland Landbou (Muir A); Graeme College vs Rondebosch Boys’ High Colts (NMU A); Woodridge vs Potchefstroom Gimnasium (Woodridge A) Victoria Park vs Daniel Pienaar (Victoria Park A); Westering vs York (Westering A).

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