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Northern Cape select a side full of rising stars for 2023 Khaya Majola

By Willem Louw , in Cricket | News , at 2023-11-17 Tags: , , , ,

Northern Cape has selected a youthful squad for the 2023 Coca-Cola Khaya Majola Cricket Week, with Monnapule Jansen from Emang High School, Deshwin Willemse from Carlton van Heerden and Northern Cape High‘s Tumiso Seetelo being the only three returning players from last year’s group.

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Jansen has consistently been a fixture in the provincial teams across various age categories, and Seetelo, who shared the field with him in the U16 cricket team in 2022, is a talented athlete, who was also selected for the Northern Cape U18 hockey team this year.

Even though none of their teammates have prior experience at the Khaya Majola Week, the squad shows impressive cohesion, which has been forged over at least four years of them playing together at various events.

Since as early as 2019, the duo from Diamantveld, Simon Liversage and Luhan de la Rey, have been selected for teams with their counterparts from Northern Cape High, Junaid Jacobs and Yazeed Kajee, as well as Oratile Jubeni from Lesedi High School and Malan Lubbe from Hoërskool Kalahari. They first played together in the Northern Cape u13 team and established a connection that has endured over the years.

It’s that collective unity and their youthful skill set which Northern Cape hopes will drive them towards success in Makhanda from the 16th to the 20th of December.

The Team

Northern Cape u19: Monnapule Jansen (Emang Mmogo High School), Gift Seane (Tshireleco High School), Tumiso Seetelo (Northern Cape High), Luhan de la Rey (Diamantveld), Kaiden van Wyk (Diamantveld), Simon Liversage (Diamantveld), Junaid Jacobs (Northern Cape High), Malan Lubbe (Kalahari), Oratile Jubeni (Lesedi High School), Caleb Willemse (Hoërskool Kathu), Deshwin Willemse (Carlton van Heerden), Yazeed Kajee (Northern Cape High), Thabo Obusitse (Floors High School).

3 Diamantveld | 3 Northern Cape High | 1 Carlton van Heerden | 1 Emang Mmogo High School | 1 Floors High School | 1 Hoërskool Kathu | 1 Kalahari | 1 Lesedi High School | 1 Tshireleco High School 

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