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Mixed feelings about Zimbabwean Craven Week team

By Hannes Nienaber , in Rugby | News , at 2013-06-06

RUGBY coaches have expressed mixed feelings over the Zimbabwe Under-18 Craven Week side that was selected over the weekend.

Some are urging the Zimbabwe Rugby Union to do more and improve the game at junior level.

The side is dominated by players from St George’s College, who have six, while Peterhouse and St John’s College each have five players.

Falcon and Midlands Christian College have two players each and Mutare’s Hillcrest College and Prince Edward have one each.

Some of the players that had made it into the provincial selection teams failed to make it for the final leg of the selection process held in Esigodini at Falcon College as they could not afford the camping fees.

While Falcon were hosting the trials, it had been agreed that players were to pay for their food and accommodation at the school.

It meant that those who were were talented enough to make it into the sides but didn’t have the financial support to foot the fees for camping and food, lost out.

Old Hararians and Gateway coach, Dereck Chiwara, feels that there are areas where the ZRU should intervene if there is to be a level playing ground in the selection of players for the national teams.

“Falcon did what they could to host the trials but it was not upon them to pay for the players’ food and that is where the ZRU and provincial boards should come in with the financial resources and support such initiatives all the way down to the most junior side.

“These games should benefit the kids and the financial background of the players should not have a (negative) impact on whether or not they are going to make it for the side,” said the former Harare Sports Club official.

While there have been questions over the dominance by mainly St George’s College and St John’s College players in this year’s squad, Chiwara believes there are a lot of factors that come in when a coach or selection panel are choosing a team for a tournament.

“Selection of players is not just about which schools have made it, but it also involves the coaches’ strategies, goals and his vision because the national team is not really where we are to teach basics, those should come from schools.

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